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Topic Sudden Death 2019 Message Board / Franchise & Transition Tags (Deadline 5/30 @11:59 EST) (165 hits)

Commissioner Date Tue May 28 4:34:54 p.m. ET 2019
Now that we have rosters updated, we'll start preparing for our Free Agency period. In Free Agency, other teams can bid on another team's player (contracted and rookie players are exempt). Each team has the option of using (1) Franchise Tag and (1) Transition Tag, with the following guidelines:


Each team receives one franchise tag per offseason. Franchise tags are not a tradeable commodity. Players that receive the franchise designation will have their salaries adjusted to the average of top-5 players at their position. Franchise tag players are not eligible for FA bidding and are completely protected from free agency. Franchise tagged players who are already in the top-5 at their position receive an additional $1K bonus.

If you wish to use a Franchise Tag on a player, his salary will be adjusted to the following rate for the 2019 season:

QB: $5032
RB: $4088
WR: $3860
TE: $2988
DE: $3227
LB: $4282
DB: $3795

Each team receives one transition tag designation per offseason. Transition tags are not a tradeable commodity. Players that receive the transition tag receive an additional $1K bonus (applied to dead cap space). Transitioned players are still eligible to be bid on during free agency but receive an immediate 1st round selection from the bidding team if the bid is not matched. Teams that do not have a first round selection due to prior trades or FA activity are not allowed to bid on transition tagged players.

Tagged players will be posted below.
Deadline for tagging players is Thursday, 5/30 at 11:59PM EST:

Carolina Chargers:
Smash & Grab:
Ballsweat & Tears:
Dallas Cowboys:
Wisconsin TacoCorp:
NY Giants:
Grand Rapids Yetis:
Chicago Staleys:
Portland Process:
Wolverine Hunter:
Las Vegas Raiders:
Tampa Bay Bandits:
Smash n Grab Date Tue May 28 9:51:36 p.m. ET 2019
Franchise: Zach Ertz
Transition: Stefon Diggs
Wolverine Hunter Date Wed May 29 2:10:22 p.m. ET 2019
Franchise: George Kittle
Transition: Derrius Guice
Wisconsin TacoCorp Date Wed May 29 3:11:40 p.m. ET 2019
Franchise: Amari Cooper Transition: LeVeon Bell
Grand Rapids Yetis Date Wed May 29 4:44:10 p.m. ET 2019
Franchise - Todd Gurley Transition - Aaron Donald
Portland Process Date Wed May 29 7:32:31 p.m. ET 2019
Franchise: Melvin Gordon III
Transition: Damien Williams
Las Vegas Raiders Date Thu May 30 12:53:30 a.m. ET 2019
Franchise: Deion Jones
Transition: Dalvin Cook
Carolina Chargers Date Thu May 30 9:04:42 a.m. ET 2019
Franchise: Patrick Mahomes
Transition: OJ Howard
Dallas Cowboys Date Thu May 30 1:47:15 p.m. ET 2019
Franchise: Andrew Luck
Transition: Devonta Freeman

It was a hard decision!!
New York Giants Date Thu May 30 9:28:31 p.m. ET 2019
Franchise: Mike Evans
Transition: JuJu Smith
Tampa Bay Bandits Date Thu May 30 10:16:07 p.m. ET 2019
Franchise: Baker Mayfield
Transition: Calvin Ridley
Chicago Staleys Date Thu May 30 11:54:18 p.m. ET 2019
Franchise Devante Adams Transition Sony Michel
Ballsweat & Tears Date Fri May 31 8:58:34 a.m. ET 2019
Franchise: Haha Clinton-Dix
Transition: Hunter Henry

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Topic Sudden Death 2019 Message Board / Franchise & Transition Tags (Deadline 5/30 @11:59 EST) (165 hits)