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Commissioner Date Thu May 2 1:46:54 p.m. ET 2019 Edited Thu May 2 4:46:14 p.m. ET 2019
As we're moving closer to getting the season underway, we have some important updates and reminders to the league:

The average player salary has increased by approximately $500 across the board. This means we'll be increasing the salary cap to account for this. While I am all for the strategy involved in budgeting, I also hate seeing starting-caliber players sitting in the free agent pool because everyone's salary is maxed out. The NEW cap will increase $10k to $85,000.

If any of you recently dropped a player due to salary concerns that you would now like to add back, just let me know.

DISPERSAL DRAFT (Starting within 1 week after league is full)
We will have 6 new owners, and it's only fair to allow them to draft from the player pool of the 6 open teams. The order will be randomly selected. Contracted players will remain in effect and be applied to their new team. Following the dispersal draft, these owners will have the opportunity to select new college Devy teams. The order of selection will be opposite of the dispersal draft order.

FRANCHISE AND TRANSITION TAGS (Assigned after dispersal draft)
Each team has the option of assigning ONE Franchise Tag and ONE Transition Tag to a player on their roster.
A Franchise tag immediately bumps that player's salary to the average of the Top-5 at their position. All Franchise tagged players are protected from bidding in free agency. A Transition tag ($1000 fee) player is still eligible to be bid on, but compensation is an immediate 1st round selection from the bidding team if the bid is not matched.

FREE AGENCY (1 week after tags are assigned)
Following the dispersal draft, we will conduct our Free Agency period. This is where you can bid on an un-contracted, non-Franchise-tagged player from another team. That team has the opportunity to MATCH and retain the player at the new contract rate, or PASS and receive draft pick compensation.

• Only 1 bid per team (unless you are outbid).
• Each team can receive bids on a maximum of 2 players.
• Bids cannot be rescinded.
• You must have salary cap space to win the player prior to bidding.
• Draft pick compensation is awarded to the team losing the player.
• More details can be found in the Rule Book

We will be waiving the Carry-over bonus for this season for all teams.
Since we have 6 new teams, it's not quite fair to ask them to pay an extra $500 per player for guys they just drafted.

LEAGUE DUES (due before dispersal draft begins)
With our first season under our belt, I'd like to increase the dues slightly to $50 (it was $40 last year). The extra funds will go to the league Champ and 2nd place prizes. This is open to discussion (or debate), but I think the more each team has invested into the league, the less likely they are to bail on their team mid-season (or after). That said, I don't forsee this league becoming a 'high roller' league, but a slight bump would make sense.

Any comments, questions or feedback just post below or on GroupMe!

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Topic Sudden Death 2019 Message Board / ** Important Updates ** (35 hits)