Sudden Death 2019 Draft

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Current Pick:4.06
On The Clock:Smash n Grab
On Deck:New York Giants
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1.01Las Vegas RaidersMontgomery, David CHI RB (R)
1.02Wisconsin TacoCorpMurray, Kyler ARI QB (R)
1.03Tampa Bay BanditsSanders, Miles PHI RB (R)
1.04Carolina ChargersHarry, N'Keal NEP WR (R)
1.05Chicago StaleysHenderson, Darrell LAR RB (R)
1.06Smash n GrabWhite, Devin TBB LB (R)
1.07Dallas CowboysSamuel, Deebo SFO WR (R)
1.08Las Vegas RaidersFant, Noah DEN TE (R)
1.09Dallas CowboysOliver, Ed BUF DT (R)
1.10Wisconsin TacoCorpAbram, Johnathan OAK S (R)
1.11Tampa Bay BanditsBrown, Marquise BAL WR (R)
1.12New York GiantsArcega-Whiteside, JJ PHI WR (R)
2.01Dallas CowboysMattison, Alexander MIN RB (R)
2.02Las Vegas RaidersIsabella, Andy ARI WR (R)
2.03Portland ProcessSavage, Darnell GBP S (R)
2.04Las Vegas RaidersArmstead, Ryquell JAC RB (R)
2.05Chicago StaleysCollier, L.J. SEA DE (R)
2.06Smash n GrabThornhill, Juan KCC S (R)
2.07New York GiantsJones, Daniel NYG QB (R)
2.08Dallas CowboysThompson, Darwin KCC RB (R)
2.09Carolina ChargersSingletary, Devin BUF RB (R)
2.10Dallas CowboysHockenson, T.J. DET TE (R)
2.11Ballsweat & TearsAllen, Josh JAC DE (R)
2.12Carolina ChargersLock, Drew DEN QB (R)
3.01Las Vegas RaidersHarmon, Kelvin WAS WR (R)
3.02Wolverine HunterSweat, Montez WAS LB (R)
3.03Grand Rapids YetisSternberger, Jace GBP TE (R)
3.04Wisconsin TacoCorpAdderley, Nasir LAC S (R)
3.05Chicago StaleysPratt, Germaine CIN LB (R)
3.06Smash n GrabLove, Bryce WAS RB (R)
3.07Grand Rapids YetisButler, Hakeem ARI WR (R)
3.08Ballsweat & TearsBoykin, Miles BAL WR (R)
3.09Dallas CowboysJohnson, Diontae PIT WR (R)
3.10Wisconsin TacoCorpWilson, Mack CLE LB (R)
3.11Tampa Bay BanditsBurns, Brian CAR DE (R)
3.12New York GiantsYa-Sin, Rock IND CB (R)
4.01Las Vegas RaidersMurphy, Byron ARI CB (R)
4.02Tampa Bay BanditsBlair, Marquise SEA S (R)
4.03Portland ProcessSimmons, Jeffery TEN DT (R)
4.04Grand Rapids YetisRapp, Taylor LAR S (R)
4.05Chicago StaleysXimines, Oshane NYG DE (R)
4.06Smash n Grab 
4.07New York Giants 
4.08Grand Rapids Yetis 
4.09Carolina Chargers 
4.10Dallas Cowboys 
4.11Ballsweat & Tears 
4.12Grand Rapids Yetis 
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